A new way of life
in Okinawa using a
"dedicated high-speed line".

Currently, the Internet communication environment in Okinawa Prefecture has a regional disparity with the Honshu area. Some eSports titles cannot participate in online world tournaments from within Okinawa Prefecture due to communication line speed issues. In order to solve this problem, we are conducting verification while holding the "eSports BATTLE in OKINAWA" e-sports tournament from FY2020. Project OKINAWA" will be launched in FY2021, utilizing dedicated high-speed lines of local cable TV stations. We are conducting verification to improve the telecommunication environment in Okinawa Prefecture in cooperation with local governments, accommodation facilities, and other businesses. By improving the Internet environment, the project aims to create new demand for tourism by enabling remote work and workcations in Okinawa Prefecture, attracting inbound and global conferences and academic meetings, and attracting e-sports players from outside the prefecture and overseas national e-sports teams for training camps.


eSports BATTLE in

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eSports BATTLE in OKINAWA2022

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